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From The Adopter:
Shadow aka Roman. We've had Shadow for a year now and all is well. He is a GREAT cat!

Duke is a dangerously handsome, incredibly gentle, all white German Shepherd adopted to his new home in December, 2011.

From The Adopter:
Duke came to our home to live in December of last year. He has turned out to be such a blessing to our family!! He loves his brother, Biscuit, and is right at home with us. He is a big snuggler, and is happiest when he's laying right next to one of his human companions, or going for walks. He has also learned how to chase birds in the back yard, just like his brother does. He was meant to be a part of us!!!

 Murphy is one of our first pets adopted in the new year, 2012.

From The Adopter:
Our 6 month old Bear is growing into his pretty fur. Little guy is a medium hair kitty! Poor boy isnt a fan of the grooming brush.

Brutus was adopted the first week of February, 2012.  A lean, sleek, massive, loving, canine rockstar.

From The Adopter:
Brutus seems to be doing very well. He has come out of his "shell" and just really is showing how much of a "puppy" he is. He is happy, playful, loving, super strong and super healthy and just wants to enjoy his new house and yard. He adores the running space and oh my God is he powerfully fast and strong! He simply Rocks!

Sunday was a stray kitty, adopted by the person who found him!

From The Adopter:
Thought I’d let you know that Sunday is doing just great. He is part of the family. Lots of fun.

From The Adopter:
Tabitha is doing great and has adjusted well to her new home. She seemed to miss all of her playmates at Lorie's when she first came but has found lots of things to keep herself occupied these days. She is very active, one minute she will be right in front of you and then she is shooting around the place like a race track the next. I really love having found such a wonderful companion.

Henry the Handsome Cat was our last pet adopted in 2011!

Daniel is one of our first pets adopted in 2011!

TJ is a fun, active kitten adopted in November 2011.

Ty found his home in Hartford, Iowa, in November 2011.

Ezio found his new home in West Des Moines.

Patches was adopted in November, 2011.

Vinny and Red Bull were adopted together!

Franky and CiCi were adopted together in January, 2012!

Harlow and Hazel were adopted together in November, 2011.  Cuddle buddies who keep each other warm!

From The Adopter:
Thank you so much for our two beautiful girls! We enjoy them so much and they have wonderful personalities!

Azrael found her new home in December, 2011.

CoCo the Beatiful was adopted in December, 2011.

Lorraine, Mandy, Molly found a family together!

Arnold is so happy to be home!

Zoey was adopted in December, 2011.

Scottie found his new home in December, 2011.

Oliver found an active new home in December, 2011.



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