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Adoption or Temporary Home - An Important Decision

Our goal is to find safe homes homes for every pet who comes through our agency.  Before you adopt, please consider which scenario best fits your situation:

PERMANENT ADOPTION  If you fully expect to, and likely will be able to, care for the pet for the rest of its life, and want to care for a pet for life, adoption may be the best choice.  We do realize unexpected events, including job loss, poor health, and death, may make it impossible for even the most loving, dedicated pet owner to care for a pet forever.  But people should only adopt when they want, expect to be able, and likely will be able, to care for the pet for the life of the pet.  Our adoption fee is $65 for dogs and cats, less for most smaller animals.

TEMPORARY HOME  If you are unliklely to be able to care for a pet for his or her entire life, and still want to help a pet, please consider providing a temporary home instead.  Even a short term home of a few days or week could save the life of a pet. Temporary is likely the best choice for students and others who expect to move during the next several years.

Please fill out an application.

Temporary Home Basics

The decision to privde a temporary home is different from choosing to adopt.  Providing a temporary home means to volunteer to help that pet until a permanent home is found. While some temporary pet parents do end up adopting the pet in their care, the goal when entering into the temporary hom decision should be that the situation is temporary.  The goal from day one should be to learn more about the personality of the pet, keep the pet safe, and help in the search for a permanent home.

To read more on the importance of temporary pet homes, read this short page. - What Fostering is Not

When you take temporary care of one of our pets, we can loan you the equipment you need and pay medical expenses.  We ask you to provide a safe home for the pet, and the pet's food.

We can loan a:

  • crate
  • pet bed
  • leash
  • seat belt (our pets must be restrained when in a vehicle, and all pets should have a seat belt or crate)
  • Kong toy and Nylabone
  • all cats and dogs are microchipped and all dogs have collars with tags

Temporary pets should be treated like your other pets.  If your current pets sleep in the bedroom with you, so should the temporary pet.  If your current pets are not allowed on furniture, teach your temporary pet the same.  The time to start training a pet how to behave is day one.

If you are taking care of a pet temporarily and have a problem, you may contact us any time.  If you go on vacation, or have an emergency, we are happy to take care of the pet for a day or a week.  If the pet does not work out in your home, let us know.  The only way we can help pets is with good temporary homes.

Discounts for Temporary Home Providers

We depend on temporary homes, and want to thank you.  Temporary homes are provided with discounted services, including:

  • Microchip - One free pet microchip, including lifetime registration and unlimited updates for as long as you own the pet.  Additional pets may be chipped at $10 per pet, a $5 discount.  The microchip company does charge a fee if you transfer ownership of the pet and chip, and the fee is currently $10.  You may give the free chip as a gift to someone, if your pets are already chipped.
  • Boomerang Collar Tag - Boomerang Collar Tags are the best pet tags, period.  Silent, stainless steel, a guarantee for the life of the pet.  Temporary homes receive one free Boomerang Collar Tag, and additional tags cost $5, a $2 discount.  You may give the free tag as a gift if your pet already has a tag.

Adoption Basics

If you have not owned a pet before, please read the top of this page to be sure that adopting a pet is the right goal.

If you do want to adopt a pet, it is likely you are either an experienced pet owner or a new pet owner.  We are happy to work with both.

If you are an experienced pet owner, you probably have a good idea the type of pet you are seeking, and their needs.  If you provide a vet reference and are legally able to have the pet in your home, the process should be quick.

If you are a first time pet owner and are looking to adopt your first cat, it may take some time to find the best cat for you.  Some cats are more social than others.  Which do you prefer? Some dogs are couch potatoes and some want to go to the dog park every day.  What works for you?

Required Basic Pet Care

Our adoption contract requires a basic level of care be provided to each pet.

  • Food And Water
  • Indoor Pet, Sleep Indoors
  • Heartworm Prevention (Dogs)
  • Flea Prevention (Dogs and Cats)
  • If The Home Lacks A Fence, Must Not Be Restrained Outdoors Unsupervised Except For Brief Periods Such as Bathroom (a leash or tie-out is not a dog babysitter)
  • Annual Wellness Veterinary Checkup

These are difficult economic times.  Some pet owners find it difficult to provide the pet care they would like to provide.  However, fleas and heartworm pose serious, life threating problems which can be easily prevented at a cost of a few dollars per month.

Quality pet care does not always require spending more money.  One of the best diets for a dog can be raw food, if properly planned, and costs less than a quality dog food.  For more information on dog health visit

Many veterinary groups now recommend reduced vaccine schedules for dogs and cats.  Reduced vaccine costs can be used for wellness checkups and other preventative measures.

Our adoption fee is $50.


Volunteer - Basics

Iowa Pet Adoptions places pets in temporary homes until they are permanently adopted.  We are a new group - September 2011 - and appreciate all the help we can get.

We need people who are willing to provide their time, as well as professionals who will provide discounted or free services.

Volunteer With IPA - Temporary Home Coordinator

Temporary Home Coordinator is a volunteer position with IPA that involves:

  • intake of a pet, into your home - this should only be for a day or two
  • assessing the pet - medical needs, temerament, and so on
  • placing it in a temporary home
  • assisting the temporary home

This is the most time consuming position we have.  Temporary Home Coordinators have overall responsibility for the pet from intake through adoption.  This person will respond to requests for assistance from temporary homes.  If the pet won't stop crying at 2am, or there is an emergency at the temporary home, this person needs to have the flexibility to provide assistance.

A Temporary Home Coordinator should have at least five years of ownership or direct work with a specific pet type - cats or dogs, or both.  You will be working with the type of pet with which you are experienced, so you can best care for the pet and provide assistance to the temporary homes.

The Temporary Home Coordinator is a critical position.  The more we have, the more temporary homes we can work with, and the more pets we can help.  Ideally, the pet will be promptly placed in a temporary home, and remain there until adoption.  The Temporary Home Coordinator is there to help the temporary home when a problem arises.

With this position, we ask that you not provide a temporary home to pets yourself, so that you can provide immediate help in case another temporary parent requests it.

Please contact us with any questions.

Or fill out our short application.  This is the same application we use for our adoption and temporary parents.  It asks for a vet reference, proof that you can have a pet in your home, and a couple personal references.



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