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Thank you for considering adopting or providing a temporary home to a pet.  Pets become homeless for many reasons.

Our adoption fee for cats and dogs is $65.  Other pets generally have a smaller fee.

We always check veterinary references.  If you have any current pets which have not been checked by a veterinarian during the past year, please explain, where requested in the application.

Required Basic Care

Our goal is to have an application which is easy to complete.  We also want all of our pets to have a high quality of life.

All pets we place must receive the following:

  • Quality Food
  • Indoor Pet, Sleep Indoors
  • Heartworm Prevention (Dogs)
  • Flea Prevention (Dogs and Cats)
  • If The Home Lacks A Fence, Must Not Be Restrained Outdoors Unsupervised Except For Brief Periods Such as Bathroom (a leash or tie-out is not a dog babysitter)
  • Basic Medical Care, Including Annual Wellness Veterinary Checkup

There are low cost flea and heartworm preventatives which cost as low as $10 per month total - $5 per treatment.  All pets deserve this basic care.

Seat Belts & Boomerang Collar Tags - $13 Deposit

We require all pets to be restrained in the car.  For cats, this normally means a small crate.  For dogs, we routinely use canine seatbelts. This is a harness which fits the dog, and attaches to the seat belt.  When you adopt a dog from us, we require an $8 deposit for a canine seatbelt. This will be returned to you if you provide proof of some other dog restraint for use in your primary vehicle.

Our pets wear Boomerang Collar Tags, with our phone number, in case the pet is lost.  After you adopt a dog or cat, you can order your own Boomerang Collar Tag with your contact information.  This new tag is at no cost to you.  You then return our tag to us.  When you adopt a pet from us, you pay a $5 deposit. This is returned to you when the IPA tag is returned to us.

The total deposit is $13, and is fully refundable.  Our goal is to help you keep your pet safe.  If you have other pets, we will be glad to sell you seat belts and Boomerang Collar Tags at low cost.

We can loan other equipment such as crates.  This requires a deposit equal to the cost of the item, and is fully refundable if the item is returned within two weeks of the adoption.

Two Week Trial

The first two weeks with your new pet is a trial.  During that period, please let us know how you and your pet are doing.  At the end of that period, if things have gone well, we will transfer ownership to you.  If you bring the pet back to us during this period, you will receive a refund of the full adoption fee.

We understand situations change, and people can not always afford what they might want for their pet, but basic needs must be met.

Iowa Pet Adoptions pays pet medical costs, and loans equipment, while in temporary homes.  We ask temporary homes to provide a home and food, and we can help with food.

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