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Cat Collars - Science Supports Collars On Cats

Nationally, less than 5% of cats in shelters are returned home.

Hopefully, many cats are returned home before they reach a shelter.  Microchips are also helpful.  However, if you have ever found a cat, you know the delays in scanning the cat, many people will not scan a cat, and microchips are often not properly registered so the owner is not found.

The American Veterinary Medical Association reported a study in 2010 on the usefulness of cats on collars.

  • 538 cats owned by clients were in the 6-month study
  • 3 types of collars were used: plastic buckle, breakaway, and elastic stretch
  • 391 of the 538 cats (72.7%) successfully wore the collars for the entire 6-month study
  • 18 cats (3.3%) caught a forelimb in the collar or caught the collar in an object or their mouth
  • 477 of 478 microchips remained working for the 6 months

The AVMA recommends all cats wear collars and be microchipped.

Iowa Pet Adoptions recommends Boomerang Collar Tags and we sell them for $7.  Boomerang Collar Tags are stainless steel, wrap around the collar, silent, and come with a lifetime guarantee to remain on the collar and remain legible.  Our adoption fee includes one free collar tag for each adopted pet.

Because many cat owners - unfortunately - allow their cats to roam outdoor, we suggest placing I AM LOST on the TOP LINE of any cat collar tag, to urge people to take your cat seriously as a missing family pet, and contact you.  People who find pets often need to make a split second decision on whether to help that pet return home.  Coaxing a lost cat to come to the cat finder can be a time consuming, dangerous adventure.


Important Excerpts From The Study




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