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Low Cost Spay & Neuter in Iowa

The most important step individual pet owners can do to reduce pet homelessness and shelter killing is to spay (females) and neuter (males) their own cats and dogs.

If you cannot afford the cost charged by your regular veterinarian:

  • ask for a discount
  • ask for a referral
  • ask other pet owners
  • ask on Craigslist - Community - Pets
  • check the places below

Download Flier: Download a flier to advertise the Furry Friends Community Spay Clinic in West Des Moines

If your office provides low cost spay & neuter for dog and / or cats, please let us know.

Furry Friends Community Spay Clinic

1211 Grand Ave
West Des Moines, IA 50265
United States


Furry Friends Community Spay Clinic is located on Grand Avenue in West Des Moines.

We use Furry Friends for many of the spays and neuters of our pets prior to their adoption.

Cats: $25 (neuter / male) and $45 (spay / female).

Dogs: start at $35 (neuter / male) and $55 (spay / female).

Jewell Animal Hospital

548 Main Street
Jewll, IA 50130-0367
United States


Jewell Animal Hospital is located in Jewell, 60 miles north of Des Moines.

Cat: neuter (males) for $20, spaying (females) at $45; one day each month.

Barn Cat / Multiple Cat: spaying and neutering at $35 - $45 per cat.

Dogs: not listed.

Call for information.



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