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Iowa Pet Adoptions is not a shelter.  We are a group of pet owners helping pets.  We take pets into our homes until they are adopted, and try to help pets and pet owners.

We do not kill pets to make space for other pets.

It is possible that if a pet is seriously ill, we may not be able to treat the pet, and we could make the hard choice to euthanize the pet.  This has not happened yet.

We rely on fellow pet owners to take pets into their home, until the pet is adopted.  It is inconceivable that we would routinely place a pet in a home, then take the pet out to have the pet killed.  It would violate the only goal we have, which is to help pets.  Few of our volunteers would tolerate this.

People need to understand the difference between Killing and Euthanizing.  In traditional high kill shelters, healthy, adoptable pets are routinely killed, not euthanized.



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