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If you have a dog with health or nutrition problems, or simply have questions and want to prevent problems, a great place to start for factual information is  Unfortunately, I have found no similar resource for cats.

When I began feeding my dogs a raw diet, this is the site which provided the information.  Iowa Pet Adoptions recently treated our first dog for heartworm disease, and DogAware pointed to studies showing the importance of doxycycline + ivermectin during the time preceding final treatment.   DogAware has also convinced us dogs deserve heartworm prevention throughout the year, not just during summer.  Heartworm is serious and resistance is developing.

The information is extensively cited, with links to underlying articles and studies.

The site is great for dog health, medical, and nutrition, but does not provide training or behavioral advice.  We have not found a similar site for pet behavior or training, which is unfortunate, because many pets end up homeless do to behavior which could be corrected.



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