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We require all pets adopted from us to receive:

  • Food and Water
  • Sleep Indoors (with some exceptions, such as feral cats)
  • Not Tied Up Outdoors Without Supervision
  • Heartworm Prevention (Dogs)
  • Flea Treatment or Prevention
  • Medical Care
  • Current Pets Must Be Spayed Or Neutered

Many people do not provide regular medical care for their pets.  We want pet owners to have a relationship with a veterinarian.  This does not mean annual vaccinesMultiple veterinary groups recommend core vaccines NOT more frequently than once every 3 years, and some science points to lifetime immunity for viral diseases.

If you stopped going to a veterinarian because you felt they were taking advantage of you, try a new veterinarian.

Pets can not tell us when they are sick, and have short life spans.  We require pets to have at least yearly wellness exams.  This is a time when the veterinarian can check the pet for a physical sign of an illness.

Iowa Pet Adoptions does not sell pets.  We help homeless pets and pet owners.  We try to be thrifty and encourage pet owners to educate themselves so they can provide care to their pets at low cost.



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