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Adoption Fee - Our Costs & Expenses

Our adoption fee is $75 for cats and dogs.

Costs & Expenses

When we take in a pet, we generally know very little about the pet.  We generally intake stray pets and other pets with no known background.

Prior to adoption, all dogs and cats are:

  • Spayed (females) or Neutered (males)
  • Microchipped and Registered
  • Vaccinated for Rabies
  • Vaccinated for Core Vaccines
  • Dewormed and Defleaed, as needed
  • Heartworm Tested (IDEXX Snap 4DX - all dogs)
  • Year Round Heartworm Prevenition (all dogs)
  • FeLV / FIV Tested (cats, selectively)

A single spay or neuter can cost more than $75.  Fortunately, some pets are already spayed and neutered.  We also get discounts, including the Furry Friends Community Spay Clinic.

Costs increase dramatically when a pet is sick or injured.  Fortunately we get help from our veterinarian, University West / Starch.

We try to reduce medical costs using generic medicines, buying from local retail pharmacies.  Still, a single prescription can cost more than $75.

Rarely, we intake a pet and receive medical records, so the required care - namely vaccines - will be reduced.

Food is a huge part of our cost.  We think we provide food at the lowest possible cost, consistent with great, healthy food, but it adds up.

We provide dogs with year round heartworm prevention.  Heartworm diesease costs $400 and more to treat, and takes several months.  Prevention is best.


The $75 fee will still not cover all our costs.

Our goal is not simply to take in and adopt out pets.  We would like to help pet owners take better care of their pets, passing along health and training tips.

If you would like to support Iowa Pet Adoptions, please see our Donations page.



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