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Our use of AKC CAR chips is based on two factors: cost and convenience.

There are three main microchip companies used by non profit animal welfare groups:

  • 24PetWatch
  • Home Again

AKC CAR chips cost us $10 per chip, are free to update (though cost $10 to change the name of the pet owner), and are easily updated online.

24PetWatch chips are cheap for us to buy, but can cost $50 for pet owners to update.  We do not want to put adopters into this situation.

Home Again chips cost us about $11 and are free to update.  However, the contact information cannot be confirmed online, we must fax, call or e-mail, which is time consuming and inefficient.

A properly registered microchip is necessary for the welfare of the pet, and AKC CAR provides the best and cheapest way to keep chips updated.



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