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There are two primary ways to be sure your lost pet is returned home:

  • Pet Tag
  • Microchip - properly registered

Both pet tags and microchips are equally important.

The best pet tag is the Boomerang Collar Tag, and we are glad to offer this tag free for our adopted pets.  Boomerang Collar Tags are made of stainless steel, silent, wrap around the collar, and have a lifetime guarantee to remain on the collar and be legible.  Part of what makes them the best pet tag is Boomerang Collar Tags never need to be removed, even during bathing.

  • Free if you Adopt a cat or dog from us
  • Maximum Width - 1 inch  fit most collar designs, but the maximum collar width is 1 inch
  • Silent
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Many cat owners do not use collars on their cats.  The AVMA conducted a thorough study in 2010, and recommends cats wear collars.  The preferred style is the regular belt buckle, not the breakaway or stretch elastic.

To receive your free tag with your phone number on it, fill out this form.  You will receive your free tag in the mail.  We suggest putting as many phone numbers as possible on the tag.  Please do not order this tag until you are sure the dog or cat is working with your home.  If you bring the pet back to us after the collar has been ordered, the $7 cost of the tag will be deducted from any refund of the adoption fee.

When you receive the new tag, please return the one you currently have to us, so we may use it for other pets.

You must have adopted a cat or dog from us to be able to complete this form.

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