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Available for Temporary Home or Adoption
Young Adult Dog - 1 to 5 Years
30 Pounds
Social With Cats: 
Social With Dogs: 
Social With People: 
Enjoys People
Heartworm Disease Status: 
Tested Negative Oct 4, 2011
Des Moines
Pet ID#: 


Woody is a young male, appears to be about 2 years and 30 pounds. Perhaps a Pug / Terrier mix. Solid tan, with some black around the nose. Woody is energetic and likes to play with other dogs - all the time.  His ambition may annoy some dogs.

Woody absolutely loves people, and walks right up to anyone and expects a belly rub.

Woody is highly energetic and takes 15 - 30 minutes to calm down.  Human family members must be assertive to teach Woody the rules of the house and to not jump on other pets or people.

Woody may do well with a pet companion, or may do well as an only dog. He does enjoy playing with other dogs, but can be nervous around bigger dogs, and they in turn can be annoyed by him. His nemesis is a heeler who thinks Woody should be better composed.

Woody is good at going under and around wire fencing, so any fencing should be tight. An apartment may work, if he is leashed whenever outside.

Give Woody a belly rub today!


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12 - Woody - Dog - Des Moines
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